Insurance Carriers

Complete enrollment services for insurance carriers by experienced benefit enrollment professionals...

We offer a wide variety of services designed to improve the success of your enrollments and increase product selection, including our specialty: on-site, face-to-face enrollments with professional, salaried benefits counselors.

  • Complete benefit communication and enrollment
  • Understandable Benefit Statements
  • Increased benefits awareness and participation
  • New Hire Orientation and benefit enrollment
  • Customer Service staff
  • Experienced Benefits Counselors for one-on-one communication, on-site education and enrollment
  • Employee education campaigns tailored for each client, including print and electronic media
  • Group meetings and/or one-on-one meetings

We provide a complete approach to ensure ongoing success of future enrollments and your clients’ satisfaction with the enrollment process.

  • Personalized pre-communication campaign to provide employees with a thorough understanding of products and services being offered
  • Hands-on enrollments; our enrollment meetings, whether group or 1-on-1, are led by experienced enrollment specialists with an emphasis on educating employees. We also offer the flexibility to conduct sessions face-to-face
  • Post-enrollment review; we perform a detailed analysis of enrollment results and trends which we review with you to determine how to enhance future open enrollments

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